Crafting Your Career Story with 7 Elements

Learn how to share your journey to your current profession with confidence and authenticity, using these 7 essential elements to create a compelling and inspiring story.

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Let's switch things up this week.

Have you ever been asked about your journey to your current profession and how you got there? Whether you're a career switcher like myself or not, it's a common question that people are always intrigued by.

It's your chance to impress, but have you prepared your story yet? This concept is borrowed from Justin Welsh's newsletter - A founder's Story.

There are 7 concepts for weaving out this story:

  1. Obstacles: What challenges do you have? something that is facts. For example, I don’t have any relevant academic background or experience before I break into tech.

  2. Internal struggles: How do you feel and what were your thoughts back then? show your vulnerabilities. For example, I don’t feel I am good enough and I will never get hired.

  3. External struggles: How’s your life and how have others reacted in the current state? some outcomes due to adversity. For example, my family and friend think I am just rebellious and I would be eventually back to my high-paying job.

  4. The change event: What’s the turning point that brings light to your path? For example, mine is a retweet from an influencer.

  5. The spark: What changes you? focus on the things that fuel your energy. For example, my mindset completely changed after being highlighted.

  6. The guide: Who helps you succeed? the person who plays an important part in your journey. For example, mine is my very first manager, he took a chance on me.

  7. The result: What have you achieved and who are you right now? Showcase your result. I believe you don’t need an example for this one.😉

After writing these 7 elements, time to weave the story out. And thanks to the technology advancement, we now have AI to help us with this task. Take your elements and ask ChatGPT to write you a compelling story, and you probably won’t get it right the first time, but try different tones and see the results.

Here is my story:

I never thought I would end up in the tech industry. At 29, with no relevant academic background or experience, it seemed like a long shot. I was filled with self-doubt and worried about what others would think.

Despite my lack of confidence, I decided to put myself out there and post my designs under an influencer's tweet. To my surprise, I was selected as one of the few people to be retweeted and promoted.

This moment of recognition gave me a much-needed boost of confidence. I realized that there was a supportive community out there and that anything was possible if I dared to try.

Although I faced continuous rejection, I persevered. Finally, my hard work paid off, and my very first manager discovered me through that same highlighted tweet. They were willing to give me a trial, and I worked hard to impress them and the rest of the team.

Eventually, I was hired to work for both the parent and spin-off company, carrying out multiple projects and achieving excellent results. Now, I am a confident product designer who seeks to bring a positive impact by giving back value to the community.

My journey was not easy, but it taught me that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. I am grateful for the opportunities that came my way and for the chance to prove myself in the tech industry.

Okay, so now you know me a little, would you like to share your story with me? Just reply to this email, I would be thrilled to get to know you more.

Until next time! ❤️

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